These 21 excerpts are from a 6-podcast series, each podcast 30-45 minutes long. The author of Take-Charge Living, Marion Kramer Jacobs, Ph.D., is interviewed by online broadcaster and life enhancement specialist Allan Hunkin.

How Take-Charge Living Can Change Your Life
Why You Can't Always Trust Your Feelings
Managing Unrealistic Fears that Keep You from Changing
Having the Right Expectations about Change
Don't Expect to Feel Ready to Change
The Six Steps to Successful Change
Selecting a Target Behavior for Change
Non-Behaviors Need to Support Your Words
Managing Resistance to Change
The Book Gives Actual Steps for How to Change
Behavior Changes First, Feelings Follow
Knowing What is in Your Power to Change
More About Getting Started
Defying Unhelpful Feelings that Block Change
Mindfulness - Overcoming Resistance to Change
Some People Don't Want You to Change
Why Humans Are Not Designed to Change Quickly
Does Your Changing Threaten Someone?
The More Your Practice the Changes, the Better
Reward Yourself for Effort
Recapping Some Key Ideas about Change