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Podcast of the author discussing "Take Charge Living"


Jacobs, Ph.D., Marion Kramer
How to Recast Your Role in
Life…In Six Acts
iUniverse Editor's Choice (152 pp.)
$15.95 paperback
March 23, 2006
ISBN: 0-595-37260-0

A straightforward, practical toolkit for identifying and overcoming barriers to change.
As clinical psychologist Dr. Jacobs demonstrates in this slim, efficient volume, our minds and bodies often work together to keep us from making changes that would improve our lives. Though the title may turn away some readers, the book's structural concept, acting, is an integral component of the process. Not just a gimmick, this overarching theme helps reinforce the fundamental principles of rehearsing and repetition in working toward change. Jacobs's caring, direct approach will engage even the therapy-averse. She teaches readers how to identify a desired change, to examine the emotional barriers that prevent one from making that change and to devise a practical plan of action for working
toward a goal. Illustrating how the mind and body are deeply and intricately bound, she outlines the four systems that interact to shape how we act and feel: emotions, bodily reactions, thoughts and behavior. Since we can't directly turn on or off the first two, Jacobs advocates focusing on changing the latter two. What distinguishes this book from much self-help hokum is the realistic discussion of the intense negative feelings that often arise from enacting change, and the techniques required for withstanding those feelings and moving forward. As the author explains, it's necessary to take swift action, to forge ahead using a step-by-step plan, gradually diminishing fearful emotions by giving the brain evidence that engaging in the new behavior isn't as dangerous as it had thought. Her methods are grounded in years of experience as a therapist, as shown through the case studies she uses to illustrate steps and challenges encountered in taking charge.
A self-help book that could actually work.

-Kirkus Discoveries
Kirkus Discoveries, VNU US Literary Group, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 646-654-4686 fax 646-654-4706

TAKE-CHARGE LIVING How to Recast Your Role in Life . . . In Six Acts by Marion Kramer Jacobs, Ph.D.

2021 Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, NE
Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help
ISBN: 0595372600, $15.95, 152 pp, 2006

I receive quite a few self-help books to review and have written one myself, Ladies Are You Lost? Options for Women in Unhealthy Relationships. But, Dr. Jacobs’s book is exceptional and stands out from all the rest. It’s exceptional on many different levels–for its content, for the years of experience Dr. Jacobs shares with us, for its presentation and creative style.

It is well-organized, well-written and designed to be a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to making constructive changes, of any kind, in ones life. Marion writes, and I quote from page 5:

"Without getting technical, Take-Charge Living: How to Recast Your Role in Life .. . . In Six Acts connects provocative findings from brain research with the best of my clinical knowledge. The result is a book that explains the dynamics of how people change and offers you, the reader, an easy-to-follow, carefully mapped out, six-act program for overcoming emotional resistance to change and successfully guiding yourself through the change process.

"Beyond changing any specific pattern of thinking or behavior, the overarching message of this book is that you can change the whole tenor of your life by adopting what I like to call a take-charge living perspective. That perspective says, as long as more than one way to handle a situation exists, the way you go about it as well as how you think, feel, and act is a choice you are making. Because many of our ways have become so habitual, it may not feel like a choice. But it is. . . ."

"Changing can be an exciting journey. I very much hope you will choose to make that journey with me. We only get one life, so please do not squander yours on endless mental dress rehearsals. The time to move forward is now."

Quoting from the rear cover:

"Dr. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Laguna Beach, California and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at UCLA. She was Coordinator of UCLA’s Psychology Clinic for 19 years as well as Co-Director of the California Self-Help Center at UCLA. .. . ."

For anyone looking to make a positive change in their life, I would highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - July 14, 2006 - Copyright


The first book signing of Take-Charge Living: How to Recast your Role in Life... In Six Acts
by Marion K. Jacobs was hosted by Tom Ahern, proprietor of Latitude 33 bookstore in Laguna Beach on June 8th, 2006.

One hundred friends and well wishers were in attendance.

Latitude 33

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